Solutions and Services

Governance, Risk Management, & Compliance, GRC, is a management model for the way organizations manage technology and digital assets that help them achieve their objectives. The main purpose of GRC as a business practice is to create a synchronized approach to these areas, avoiding the repetition of tasks and ensuring that the approaches used are effective and efficient.

Cyber Governance

We have deep experience and discipline to support and augment your governance maturity including:

  • Information security policy and standards development
  • Security awareness and training strategy, development, content creation and support
  • Security controls design, implementation and mapping

Cyber Risk Management

Effectively and consistently assessing cyber risks and threat assessment is key to sustained improvement of operations, data protection and availability. We assist clients prioritize scarce resources, build robust solutions and enhance capabilities in efficient and pragmatic ways. Contact us for more information.

Cyber Compliance

Compliance does not have to be hard and tedious. Whether it be transactional (PCI DSS), financial (SOX, SOC-1), or security (SOC-2), we can support the existing team either in a leadership role or staff augmentation. Contact us for more information.

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