Freelance Professionals: Opportunities Abound

Lately, I have been contemplating what I would want to do if I’d ever leave corporate america. My career started in consulting and auditing, and naturally moved toward governance and compliance. I do look forward to owning my own agenda and projects in which I work.

Over the past several years, me and my family have worked toward financial freedom, which has been our focus. As I completed my masters last year, what I have thought about more so was how I could perhaps become either a teacher, a writer or a freelance cyber professional. There are a few good sites out ther such as UpWork and WorkMarket which is owned by ADP. There seems to be lots of freelancers out there and these sites are made for them. There are plenty of project proposals from companies which mostly seem small-medium size businesses (SMBs) perhaps with a small budget. Also there are plenty of startups as well needing security consulting work as well.

Imagine the ability to work from anywhere, anytime. Due to work from home restricdtions, I have worked from my parent’s home a few times over the course of 2020 and 2021. The ability to visit and spend time with them has been really awesome and I cherish our time togehter. I hope this opportunity would be present going forward and knowledge workers can use Zoom, Microsoft Teams and video other collaborative platforms to get work done.

The future seems bright in regards to the opportunities available to knowledge professionals such as myself when it comes to remote work, and flexibility. I firmly believe this is the future of worker.

Trust is enough, right?

I have been thinking a lot about trust. The core component of all relationships large and small is trust. Blockchain is supposed to “automate” trust. As crazy as that may sound, I sure do hope it holds, ahem, true.

Specifically as it relates to our daily lives, digital rights management, meaning access to Hulu, Disney+, Netflix and other subscription services. IBM has been working on a solutions for organizations to create their own distributed ledger for (hopefully) undisputed transaction management and for content access security.

So, is this level of trust adequate? Are blockchain capabilities with the undisputed ledger system scalable and reliable to the fullest extend in business and commerce transactions? Time will tell and I hope that its enough.

How can I help?

This is my first blog since I created this site on March 28, 2020. As life, this will be an adventure…and I want to be a part of your solution.

We can’t go at it alone, right? We all need help, inspiration, support alone the journey. Whether it’s mom and dad encouraging us and inspiring us, I venture to thing we all had at least one strong influence on your career and life.

Cybersecurity is no different. Success is made by having a support system, positive influence and help. When I started this business or the idea of it, I envisioned small to medium size businesses. Regardless the maturity of the cyber culture, we can help improve your GRC program. Please email me.