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Cybersecurity threats are ever changing and evolving. Cyber attacks – including data breaches, malware attacks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), phishing attacks, spyware and others – can be major risks for businesses. Recently, nearly a third of small businesses cited a lack of resources as their top obstacle to achieving cybersecurity goals.

Having the right governance in place is key to meeting business outcomes and keeping data secure. We provide assistance in cybersecurity strategy, tactical planning, and execution. Below are the services that we provide to small and medium size businesses and we can tailor solutions to fit your requirements, budget and risk reduction needs.

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  • Cyber risk management assessment
  • Performance reporting enablement
  • Policy & standards development, documentation and communication
  • Third Party and vendor security assessments

Cyber Risk

  • Risk assessment strategy and execution
  • Data at risk assessments
  • Risk analysis and prioritization
  • Root cause analysis and mitigation.
  • Data protection tactics and execution


  • Flexible controls hierarchy
  • Issue tracking and remediation
  • Maturity assessment for PCI, SOC-1 and SOC-2 compliance
  • User education and awareness

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